Syntax and Protocol. Without these two little gems the internet would not function. Even basic communication requires that there be both syntax and a protocol with which we operate within. Think of how impossible it would be to get information from someone if something as simple as pausing for response was not a common concept. You may ask a question and before you can finish detailing your request, the other person responds most likely incorrectly. We take this for granted because we learned these traits early in life.

Unfortunately, interconnected systems won’t communicate either without a well defined and respected syntax and the rules (protocol) that support the syntactical structure. This sites function is to both document the protocols and thier syntax that are both common and not as well as provide real world configuration examples in Cisco Systems’ Internetwork Operating System.

If you feel you would be interested in taking on this endeavor, feel free to contact me and we’ll take a look at adding additional authors.



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